AshTV are an independent directing team based in Yorkshire, led by Ash Pears and Richy Lloyd Pears.

Officially established in 2007, we direct and produce music videos for both pioneering and emerging underground artists.

We earned our stripes not only through producing memorable music videos but by working closely with artists, labels and their management. We have happily repeating clients, and treat each project on its own merit.

We don't do the hard sell. We don't push for clients. We don't over saturate.
We are AshTV. Nice to meet you.

Obsessive Compulsive

No Logo

Obsessive Compulsive are the hardest working independent diy band I know who are working today. They ooze great work ethics into their music and take no prisoners when it comes to speaking their mind.

No Logo is a reaction to the way grassroots music is now being controlled and dictated by a number of drinks companies and corporations in general.

The music video was full of potential land mines; but I think it we struck the right note with the right amount of tongue-in-cheek.

For directing and production enquiries we're happy to talk,
email Ash Pears at or call on 07791125066.

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