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ashtv is the work of director ash pears

I’m a video director, producer and editor based in North of the UK.

With a background in music, I have created 200+ original and striking music videos for a wide variety of both established and new bands, musicians and artists across the rock, alternative, metal and indie genres since 2006.


I have 17 years experience in creating bespoke music videos in an independent way,  whilst also having directed and produced a variety of projects from multi-camera live shows, branded festival content, recording studio coverage, music festival highlights reels and studio interviews for social media use.


I'm lucky to have created work for Paradise Lost, Bloodbath, Bleed From Within, EVILE, Host, Katatonia, Eureka Machines, Jane McDonald, Chris Catalyst, Shrapnel, The Wildhearts, Godthrymm, Joanne Shaw Taylor, The Scaramanga Six, Ginger Wildheart, The Empty Page, 1919, Hawk Eyes, Milliner, Tony Wright (of that Terrorvision, y'know) and many more.

Over the years I have also shot on live projects with System Of A Down and The Cribs.


I maintain a healthy diy work ethic to shooting my work, because I essentially shoot everything with my own camera and edit the full production in-house. I get my hands on every facet of production and where possible treat it like a mini piece of art - from the process to the aesthetics. Over the years I've come to develop my own production preferences, taste in style and aesthetic, giving me the tools to produce work which I think has a look and feel of it's own.


My background in music comes from being a drummer in a shouty punk rock bands for many years, leading me to having lots of formative musical experiences and shared experiences with musicians. I absolutely love my work and working with new people and bands.

My goal is to produce original and artistic work which is an honest reflection of the musicians approach and artistry.

Aside from my work; I was born in the mid-80's, I have two wild kids and I love Dandelion & Burdock.

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