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I shoot, edit and deliver 4K video content for a variety of uses across the music industry.
My work serves musicians, bands, record labels, management and agencies.
I'm a solo operation in many aspects of the production process, however I often pull a crew together to serve the production if the budget allows. I can satisfy both the technical and artistic sides of creating a delivering the right video.

I often get asked to pitch for a music video idea, or perhaps invited along to the studio to shoot behind the scenes with a band or artist. I have experience in shooting long form films and full 80 minute live shows for both DVD and Blu-ray release.
Working along side record labels, management and directly with the bands; I produce a detailed treatment for a project which then begins the production process of turning the idea into reality.

Whether you're wanting to shoot a
music video, or a full 4K multi-cam live show in a venue, or perhaps some behind-the-scenes studio clips for your social media, or maybe capture the highlights of your music festival or event; I can help bring your ideas to life.

I always aim to be flexible, honest and disciplined when creating work with bands. I like to try new ideas and aim to deliver a piece of work that speak on behalf of myself and the artist.
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